Vortex is a privately held Canadian-controlled corporation that was incorporated in June, 1988. Based in Vancouver, Canada, with satellite consultants and sales teams in Florida, Ontario, and India.

Vortex leverages its deep knowledge of specific vertical industries combined with its technical prowess to create "must have" susbscription-based web applications geared towards those vertical industries.

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Our Subsidiaries

OrderStream Pro

In 2002, Vortex began designing and building the first cloud-based system that could manage all aspects of a promotional products distributor's business from any browser. Initially constructed for a PPAI top-10 distributor, in 2008 Vortex turned that system into a multi-tenanted subscription based service called OrderStream Pro.

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Insurance Desktop

In 1990, Vortex used its unique combination of software development prowess and deep understanding of how life insurance works from a sales, tax and actuarial basis to develop a concept sales tool called ADDCALC. ADDCALC was the first concepts sales tool designed for the life insurance industry and is licensed by major life insurance companies to this day. It is available as either a Windows desktop or web-based application.

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Consulting Services

Information technology (IT) is the nervous system of the corporate world.

The unique power of IT to maximize the efficiency, capacity and reach of business has made it indispensable in a competitive market.

IT solutions come in many forms. This may present a challenge when it comes to choosing just the right fit, but it is also an invaluable strength. The breadth and depth of possibility reflects the potential to mold a solution to the unique demands of your customers, intermediaries and staff. This kind of flexibility matters both up front and down the road. As your business grows and perhaps changes direction, each phase of your solution should lay itself down as a foundation for future phases.

At Vortex we are dedicated to helping you to create the perfect fit that will both power your growth and grow along with you.

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Consultative Approach

There is no one formula that solves all challenges. Solid fundamentals may suggest the broad strokes of a strategy, but as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Few of us would want to force our business or our veteran intermediaries to conform to an idealized system that may be brilliant in the abstract, but blind to the often situation-dependent realities of how business actually gets done.

The best systems accommodate those realities and eliminate the obstacles between them. Growing pains and learning curves are held to a minimum. Efficiency should introduce itself like a wind at your back, leaving everyone with the feeling that their lives have gotten easier, not disorientingly unfamiliar.

In order to achieve that, your solution designer’s first priority must be to listen.

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